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How to build the Perfect Credit Score.
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 This book will teach you the importance of credit and al the factors involved from credit scores, debt, credit cards and credit mistakes that contribute or can destroy ones' credit. In the end, you will learn how credit matters in not just the major decisions you make, but for the minor ones as well.
We need credit for everything nowadays, whether it's to buy a house, car or make a loan. As you grow older, your needs change and so does your credit. Analyzing your own credit can be difficult if you don't understand what it entails. We show you how within this book!
 Credit Is King and there is no better leverage to going your financial empire and building generational wealth. Let's go for a ride.
" Being in the Credit is King Club is very rewarding! You have a sense of pride and appreciation for the hard work and dedication required to build and maintain good credit. It's a truly good feeling! "
-Tessa C, New York
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